Rolling for Change

Hosted ByWoody Harris, Brian Peace, & Josué Cardona

Exploring the transformative power of games.

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Oppression in Boardgaming

#6: This time around we bring on a good friend, David Skoog, to help us explore and discuss the role of boardgames in defining as well as proliferating oppression. We particularly discuss this in relation to culture and racist ideologies.

Bad Habit

#5: This episode focuses on the game Bad Habit by Glen Given. It is a deduction game about non-suicidal self injury. As such please be aware that some of our discussion contains sensitive material and may not be suitable for all listeners.

How To Be A Therapeutic RPG Game Master

#4: On this episode Josué interviews Adam Johns and Adam Davis, professional game masters and founders of Wheelhouse Workshop, where they run groups using tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons to help teens build real-life social skills.

Cooperative Games

#3: In this episode Brian and I discuss the psychology of cooperative games. The discussion looks at definitions, research and applications to education and therapy. Thanks for downloading another episode of Rolling For Change.

Thinking about Worker Placement Games

#2: In this episode we discuss our experience of worker placement games and how these games can be used in therapy and education.

What is Rolling For Change?

#1: Rolling for Change is a podcast that explores the therapeutic value of tabletop gaming. Is gaming really good for you? If so, what are the mechanisms and dynamics that make it possible? We intend to find out with monthly podcasts which will explore…