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Exploring the transformative power of games.

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States of Play: AP

In this episode, Brian, Josue and I discuss the concepts of Analysis Paralysis and Anticipation of Play. At a recent convention I had the realization that there is a familiar cartography of states of mind during game play.

Talking with Jeff Garst at Dicetower Con 2018

In this episode of Rolling for Change we talk to Jeff Garst of the Spielbound Café in Omaha, Nebraska about his work using games in teaching and outreach. We also geek out about our time at Dicetower Con 2018. Ive been to a few of the major cons,

Teaching a Game

2 episodes in 2 weeks…wow! I don’t know about getting 1 out per week, but we will endeavor to create more content more often. This episode is about what it is like to teach a game. I believe this is a core skill for tabletop gamers.

Conflict in Gaming

Hey guys, Thanks for listening to Rolling for Change. We have some great new content coming for you in the next few months. In this episode of Rolling for Change, Brian and Woody discuss how conflict plays a role in our game experiences and how we resp…

Returning from Pax Unplugged

#16: Coming home after Pax Unplugged was not a let down. I felt my soul battery recharge while we were there. So by the time I got to sit down with Josue and Brian again, I was still giddy and excited about our experience.

PAX Unplugged Live

#15: Back in November Brian, Josué, and myself were able to present at the inaugural Pax Unplugged. We went to talk about the podcast and our vision for developing awareness of the way gaming is impacting us.

Smacktalk and Metagaming

#14: This is our second episode from Pax unplugged and this one is about smacktalking and metagaming. This one was a lot of fun to work on and I think you guys will enjoy the ride as well. We also talk about Twilight Imperium a lot,

PAX Unplugged 1 of 5

#13: In this first podcast from Pax Unplugged 2017, I spent some time walking around the convention and talking with game designers that caught my attention. One of the many goals of our podcast is to expose the games that bring us so much happiness,

A Short discussion with Woody

#12: Due to circumstances beyond my control, I flew solo this episode. So things are a little shorter than the usual show, but I wanted to develop some consistency in the podcasting so I went on anyway. In this episode I discuss a couple of games and a…