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Exploring the transformative power of games.

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The Rules of Acquisition Disorder

It’s episode 30 and it has taken us some time to get here. We will really celebrate when we hit 50. Nevertheless we can celebrate the 8th birthday of Geek Therapy by talking about Acquisition Disorder. On this episode, Ginger and Brian, Suzi,

Games that change our lives

The subject of games that change our lives is really the subject of nearly every episode of Rolling for Change, but in this case we talk about our own life changing experiences with gaming as well as stories from other amazing gamers who have shared th…

Cheating and Ethical Gameplay

In this episode, Brian, Josue and I discuss the concept of cheating in games. Whether we acknowledge it or not, deception is a life skill. From as early as 2 we learn that fake crying may result in getting what we want.

Intimacy, Sexuality and Gaming

The title says it all. In this episode I am joined by Brian Peace, Ginger Peace, Josue Cardona, and Suzi Harris in a discussion about the impact of gaming on relationships (intimacy and sexuality). The episode is R rated so sensitive listeners may just…

The Social Aspects of Gaming

Recently, our list of Rolling for Change projects has been growing and I believe that we are building some momentum. We have a ton more podcasts in the works, we are working towards doing some Twitch streams,

Life Simulation Games

This year is going to be an amazing year for our little podcast. You will see more regular content, twitch streams, and potentially live shows at gaming conventions.  That said, I am very excited to offer this deeper discussion of life simulation games…

Uncomfortable with Gaming

Do you ever find yourself uncomfortable while playing games? Perhaps you are intimidated by the group you are with, or you don’t like the theme of the game you are playing. Maybe the game wants you to be placed in a situation of discomfort.

Hanabi with Dave

This time around its a discussion about one of my favorite co-op card games with one of my favorite people. In this episode I discuss the nuances and psychological powers of Antonie Bauza’s “Hanabi”. This is not just a simple card game,

Creativity in Gaming

Creativity plays a huge role in our gaming experiences but we don’t always realize the ways in which it impacts us. This discussion between Brian, Josue and myself is not definitive in any way shape or form.