Rolling for Change

Hosted ByWoody Harris, Brian Peace, & Josué Cardona

Exploring the transformative power of games.

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Play therapy and therapeutic gaming with Dr. Brian Quinones and Tim Grant

In this episode we discuss the challenges of adapting play therapy and game therapy to the social milieu of evidence based practice. We also discuss games that are easily usable in building a therapeutic gaming practice. In all honesty,

Talking with Jack Berkenstock of the Bodhana Group

In this episode we get the opportunity to hear from Jack Berkenstock about his work in the Bodhana group. Together we talk about the therapeutic use of all sorts of games, the state of gaming as a tool for therapeutic growth, and many other areas.

Gaming, Identity, and Loss

In 100 years, none of this will matter. At Geek Therapy we are fond of saying media matters, and it does, but it is perhaps a temporary state of being that finds meaning in those things we consume. We self identify often with what we own.

Reflections of Dicetower 2019

In this episode, Ginger, Brian, Suzi and Woody share their experience of Dicetower Con 2019. We discuss our favorite experiences, games played, and moments that rolled for change.

One Child’s Heart: An interview w/ Camdon Wright

The game One Child’s Heart is a role playing game in which players take on the role of community professionals attempting to provide support to traumatized children. While this may not sound like a fun RPG to engage with,

Self talk and self esteem in gaming

In this episode of Rolling for Change, Brian, Ginger, Suzi and Woody discuss the nature of self talk in gaming and the role it can play in sapping our energy and bringing down our gaming experience. They also suggest ways to mitigate this experience,

Game to Grow

In this episode of Rolling for Change we talk to Adam Davis and Adam Johns, founders of Game to Grow. We will be discussing the evolution of therapeutic role playing and also the launch of their first Kickstarter “Critical Core” We had a great discussi…

Games in Media

Have you ever noticed how many times games show up in the media we watch. Its actually overwhelming. After recording this episode I became hyper aware of all of the times games are presented in media. As a culture we rarely talk about why they are ther…

The Rules of Acquisition Disorder

It’s episode 30 and it has taken us some time to get here. We will really celebrate when we hit 50. Nevertheless we can celebrate the 8th birthday of Geek Therapy by talking about Acquisition Disorder. On this episode, Ginger and Brian, Suzi,