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Exploring the transformative power of games.

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Spiritual Role Playing with Menachem Cohen

Role playing has been a pretty common area of discussion for Rolling for Change in recent times. The fact is role playing is one of the most open ended mechanics in gaming, allowing for exploration of self, group dynamics and processing of conflict.

Education and having fun again with Erica Sanders

In this episode, Josue Cardona and I discuss using games for educational purposes with Erica Sanders from Fun Again games We discuss how the pandemic has impacted the board game industry and also how we can st…

Growing Potential with Sophie Berkley

One thing I really enjoy about Rolling for Change is getting the opportunity to talk with so many amazing gamers and therapists. Every person offers a new doorway and perspective on how games make a difference in our lives.

Kids on Brooms

In this episode of Rolling for Change, Woody chats with Jonathan Gilmour, Doug Levandowski, and Spenser Starke about the newest iteration of the Kids on Bikes series, “Kids on Brooms”. We are excited to get this opportunity to talk about Kids on Brooms…

Vaccine with Mads Floe

In this episode of Rolling for Change, Josue and Woody talk with game designer Mads Floe about his print an play game Vaccine. Mads made this game available to others as a free print and play to help us have something to do during our social isolation …

RPG Research with Hawke Robinson

Today on Rolling for Change, Brian and I get a chance to talk with Hawke Robinson, founder of RPG Research and RPG Therapeutics. Admittedly, we had some sound issues about 1/4 way in, but it takes nothing away from the interview.

You Never Forget Your First Role Playing Game.

In this episode Brian interviews Adelle about her first time playing a role playing game. This is a discussion about Adelle’s experience with Kids on Bikes. Brian discusses the benefits of role playing and explores its impact on Adelle.

Afterlife: Wandering Souls w/Elizabeth Chaipruditkul

Afterlife: Wandering Souls is a role playing game set after death. The game offers 2 key characteristics that caused it to be brought to our attention: 1) It deals with the discovery of lost memories as well as spiritual discovery of your character,

Gaming in Isolation

Sometimes we need to reach out to others. We need to engage in social pursuits and connection, even when we are not social distancing, but especially now in the midst of a global pandemic. In this episode we discuss the many ways that you can still gam…