Rolling for Change

Hosted ByWoody Harris, Brian Peace, & Josué Cardona

Exploring the transformative power of games.

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Cricket Falls 6

This is the 6th episode in our Cricket Falls story. Initially these were supposed to be a separate podcast, but as it felt that it fit in with the overall tenor of Rolling for Change, we figured we would shop it here first.

Cricket Falls 5

The backlog of episodes for Cricket Falls is pretty large, but I am working to crank out at least 1 a week. For those who missed the first episode, this was my first attempt at creating a narrative rpg. I used the Kids on Bikes system due to its rules …

Kris Johnson- Making Art with Games

This conversation between Kris and I happened back in June of 2020. We were in lockdown, wondering what would happen next. Well, what happened is Rolling for Change went silent for a while. However, now Rolling for Change is rising again.

Cricket Falls Episode 3

Rolling for Change returns with the next episode of our Cricket Falls play-through. This episode was originally close to 3 hours long with debriefing, so we broke it into 2 sessions. Thank you for listening.

Cricket Falls Episode 2

It has been some time since we have presented you guys with something new. We were on a brief hiatus so that yours truly (Woody) could start a new job and 2 more just to be safe. However, we will start getting those episodes out again as quickly as we …

Victory Point w/ Adi Singal

In this episode, Josue and I meet with Adi Singal, a good friend, and now the producer of his own Hebrew board game review channel. In English its called Victory Point. Adi talks about what brought him to making his Youtube Channel,

Shrinks on Bikes ep 1

As we started our social distancing and lockdown experience, Tim Grant, Brennan Jordan, Brian Quinones, and myself (Woody Harris) started a game of Kids on Bikes both as a way of helping me get used to Gming, and as a way of passing our indoor time.

Sarah Lynne Bowman-Playing with Roles

That title is a very simplistic picture of the discussion Brian, Josue and I had with Sarah Lynne Bowman. In this interview with Sarah we discussed how the role of role playing can have transformational potential.