Here Comes A Thought

Hosted ByKat LaForgia, Gian Ramos, & Marc Cuiriz

Here Comes A Thought is your one-stop shop for all the psychological themes in the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe!

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Space Guest

The group discusses the power of mind over matter and how negative self-talk can cause impotence, as evidenced in the episode of House Guest, and the importance of gaining trust and how easy it is to break that trust in people. Of course, as always,

Ocean Mirror

This episode is all about our favorite water-bending gem, Lapis Lazuli. We discuss questions on lore, the relationship of the crystal gems with gem artifacts and trauma. We give free rein for Kat to unload all of her PTSD experience.

An Indirect Monster Kiss

Charge up your empathy batteries, this episode is all about empathizing with Centipeetle’s trauma and Steven’s struggle to find his emotional core. Join us as we discuss Monster Buddies going in-depth into a discussion about trauma, retraumatization,

Steven & the Victims

What happens when a prank goes wrong. What is the real relationship between Lars & Sadie? The idea’s of relationships are discussed and trust with relationships. As always discussing family bonds with gems and Steven,

Special Change Your Mind

****Spoilers**** We jump all the way to season 5 Diamond Days! We have a special guest, the creator of the Geek Therapy Network, Josué Cardona. This episode is just us being able to talk about our love for the Diamond Days episodes and the season final…

Coach Steven’s Room

Rose’s room is where we start to see that Steven is still struggling to figure out his own identity. Steven is given room in the temple based on “his”/Rose’s gem. The room in the temple is a metaphor for not knowing where he belongs in either human or …

Lion Party

In this episode we breakdown Lion 2: The Movie, and Beach Party! Here we discuss feelings of inadequacy and impostor syndrome with Connie. We also compare and contrast the lives of Steven and Connie and how both strive for what the other has.

Onion Fighter

In this episode we take a look at episodes 15 and 16, Onion Trade, and Steven the Sword Fighter. In Onion Trade we take a look a possible diagnoses for Onion without actually diagnosing him. We examine a few disorders such as selective mustism,

So Many Cool Kids

Gian finally teaches us how to properly pronounce his names & as a whole we discuss & promise to explain things in the episode in layman’s terms while discussing topics. With so many birthdays we discuss important rituals,