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Hosted ByKat LaForgia, Gian Ramos, & Marc Cuiriz

Here Comes A Thought is your one-stop shop for all the psychological themes in the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe!

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Warp Tour

The Gems are afraid and avoiding dealing with Steven’s view. Stevonnie steps on the scene.

Watermelon Universe: Straight to Video

Get ready for a three episode extravaganza. Listen to us cover Steven’s childlike perspective on Garnet and whether that is appropriate to his age in Garnet Universe. Ponder the ethics of a God-like Steven in Watermelon Stevens.

Keep Fusion Cuisine Weird

Why does Marc hate Ronaldo so much?????lol Ronaldo is having an existential crisis and it’s up to his good friend Steven and his little brother Peedee to help him out during this time. Steven has grown a lot from secret team.

Secret Adventure

When are secrets ok? Steven,Pearl, and Amethyst keep a secret from Garnet so that they don’t get in trouble. Is it better to keep a secret in this situation, or would it have been better to just tell her the truth.

Space Guest

The group discusses the power of mind over matter and how negative self-talk can cause impotence, as evidenced in the episode of House Guest, and the importance of gaining trust and how easy it is to break that trust in people. Of course, as always,

Ocean Mirror

This episode is all about our favorite water-bending gem, Lapis Lazuli. We discuss questions on lore, the relationship of the crystal gems with gem artifacts and trauma. We give free rein for Kat to unload all of her PTSD experience.

An Indirect Monster Kiss

Charge up your empathy batteries, this episode is all about empathizing with Centipeetle’s trauma and Steven’s struggle to find his emotional core. Join us as we discuss Monster Buddies going in-depth into a discussion about trauma, retraumatization,

Steven & the Victims

What happens when a prank goes wrong. What is the real relationship between Lars & Sadie? The idea’s of relationships are discussed and trust with relationships. As always discussing family bonds with gems and Steven,

Special Change Your Mind

****Spoilers**** We jump all the way to season 5 Diamond Days! We have a special guest, the creator of the Geek Therapy Network, Josué Cardona. This episode is just us being able to talk about our love for the Diamond Days episodes and the season final…