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When Games Become Politically Significant

#17: Kelli and Josué discuss games that have taken on political significance in different ways. Sometimes a character becomes a symbol or a game takes on a new meaning because of current events. We think this is more common in other mediums so we explo…

Self-Care Games

#16: What is a self-care game? Is there a Self-Care Game genre? Kelli and Josué discuss self-care in-depth, how games can (and cannot) be used for self-care, and why more self-care games sounds like a good idea. Visit us at www.HeadshotsPodcast.com.

Superbetter Fan Club Book Club #3 (of 3)

Ep. 15: Like Return of the Jedi, the third installment of our PsychTech Superbetter Fan Club Book Club is the best yet! We cover chapters 9 – 12, rant passionately about feedback loops, discuss the importance of allies, explore the power of identity,

Superbetter Fan Club Book Club #2 (of 3)

Ep. 14: The Superbetter love continues! We cover chapters 5-8 of Jane McGonigal’s Superbetter and dive deep into the first four rules of how to be gameful: 1) Challenge yourself, 2) collect and activate power-ups, 3) find and battle the bad guys,

Superbetter Fan Club Book Club #1 (of 3)

Ep. 13: We’re diving into Jane McGonigal’s Superbetter this week. It’s a long book so we’re taking our time. We cover chapters 1-4, Josué proposes some questionable practices, and Kelli gets to process her feelings about playing with strangers.

Dr. Game Dev

#12: Kelli just completed a Master’s degree in Game Design (… she already had a PsyD in Clinical Psychology… ) so we talk about what that was like and the games she has made. We also discuss her most recent game (and capstone project).

Will your life be a video game?

#11: In a recent interview, Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, said that in the future video games will move from being discrete to indiscrete experiences, possibly being a part of everything we do. Kelli isn’t having it but Josué thinks Wilson is …

How Do You Deal With Sexual Assault and Harassment in Virtual Reality?

#10: A few articles recently discussed an act of sexual assault in VR from the gamer and developer’s perspectives so we discuss how not ok it is to sexually assault someone in VR (or anywhere else), why this can happen in VR more easily than in other g…

VR Brings Us New Experiences and Feelings

#9: Josué and special guest Ali Mattu discuss what new experiences they’ve had so far in virtual reality, including new feelings that were much harder to experience before VR. Games discussed include Batman Arkham VR, Thumper, EVE Valkyrie, and more.