Headshots: Psychology + Gaming

Hosted ByJosué Cardona & Lauren Keller

Geek Therapy's psychology and gaming podcast.

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#46: Kelli and Josué discuss STAY, a pixel-art adventure game whose protagonist Quinn is a therapist that has been abducted. You play as the only person who can communicate with and help Quinn. The game deals with mental health issues and you can const…


#45: Josué and Lauren have been playing Minit which got them talking about the different ways time is used in games. *Enter our gaming week giveaway by visiting geektherapy.com/giveaway. For more on Mega Cat Studios, visit megacatstudios.com.

The Fortnite Phenomenon

#44: Fortnite is huge. Everybody is playing it. But why? We discuss some of the reasons why we think people love Fortnite and compare it to other phenomenons like GTA5, Minecraft, and Pokémon GO. *This episode includes an advertisement for Gamefly.

A Way Out

#43: Josué and Lara played A Way Out, directed by Josef Fares.  They had a lot of fun but Josué really disliked how it made him feel at one point because he disagreed so strongly with the choices he was given.

One Hour One Life

#41: Kelli and Josué take a look at One Hour One Life, “a multiplayer survival game of parenting and civilization building” created by Jason Rohrer. We think it’s a unique game that we want to keep revisiting for many different reasons.

What’s the Next Pokémon GO?

#40: The future of location-based games looks very bright now that Google has made its Maps API available to game developers. Josué and Kelli pitch ideas for new games based on some of their favorite properties.

Play to Feel

#39: Some games are just better than others at conveying emotions through gameplay. We played the mobile game Florence and were floored by its ability to make you feel something through game mechanics. We talk about other games as well this week but Fl…

Mastery Hunter

#38: Josué is really enjoying Monster Hunter: World. He thinks it may be the quest for mastery in the game that has made this one of the most fun gaming experiences he’s had in a very long time. Josué and Kelli try to explain and find a name for what h…

Easy Mode?

#37: Celeste’s Assist Mode got us thinking about “easy mode” in other games and why we don’t see them more often. Also, how is mocking players who choose an easier difficulty a good idea? *This episode includes an advertisement for Humble Monthly.