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Our Favorite Horror Games

#55: Josué and Lauren follow up the last episode with more horror games, this time talking about their favorite horror games. If you like Silent Hill and Eternal Darkness, this episode is for you. Join us on November 3rd in raising money for sick and i…

Horror Games

#54: Josué and Lauren geek out about horror games. Lauren loves horror games and Josué played a bunch of them for science. What are your favorite horror games? Join us on November 3rd in raising money for sick and injured kids. – geektherapy.

Peer Review

#53: Josué and Kelli talk about the academic concept of peer review in games research and gaming media in general. Is a YouTube essay any more or less significant to games research than a journal article? And what would academic peer review of YouTube …

Game Preservation (aka Bring Back Scott Pilgrim)

#52: Josué and Lauren discuss video game preservation because it’s scary to think about how much game history has been lost. Some people are doing great things to preserve the history of video games and we want to celebrate their efforts. Also,

Memorable Game Deaths

#51: Lauren asked members of the GT Community about their most memorable game deaths and then wrote a paper on it. Lauren and Josué discuss what makes a game death memorable and why so many people answer the question with “Aeris from FFVII.

Mega Man Memory Collection

#50: Your favorite games are sometimes the ones you remember the most fondly, not the games you are best at or know the most about. In the 50th(!!!) episode of Headshots, Josué realizes he loves Mega Man games despite knowing very little about them.

God of Feels

#49: The new God of War surprised us by how genuine the relationships felt and all of the emotions we experienced throughout our playthroughs. Josué and Lara discuss how much they related to the game, what they felt, and why they think it matters.

Manage Your Expectations

#48: Josué and Kelli discuss reactions to games like Sea of Thieves and No Man’s Sky that seem to make many gamers angry. We talk about the feelings that follow playing a game that doesn’t meet expectations or simply isn’t what you wanted it to be.

Detroit: Become Human

#47: Josué and Lauren played Detroit: Become Human and had experienced completely different stories. We take a very long and spoiler-filled look at our experiences and discuss many of the game’s themes. What did you think of Detroit? Questions?