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Hosted ByJosué Cardona, Lara Taylor, Lauren Keller, and Brandon Saxton

GT Radio is the official Geek Therapy Community Podcast. Every week we celebrate how to geek out and do good.

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Gamer-Affirmative Therapy

#4: Geek Therapy Podcast welcomes Mike Langlois, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) and gamer-affirming therapist. Josué and Mike discuss what it means to be gamer-affirmative and provide...

Geek Culture Competence

#3: Geek Therapy Podcast welcomes Steve Kuniak, a National Certified Counselor (NCC), to talk about Geek culture, being culturally competent, and what it means to be a Geek-affirming therapist....


#2: The Geek Therapy Podcast welcomes Dr. Patrick O’Connor, a psychologist and creator of Comicspedia. Comicspedia is an online database of hundreds of individual comic book summaries, each tagged with...

What is the Geek Therapy Podcast?

#1: Geek Therapy Podcast host Josué Cardona takes a few minutes to introduce himself and explain what the podcast is all about. Check it out, it’s only about 4...

Season 1 Trailer

Trailer for season 1 of the Geek Therapy Podcast.