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Hosted ByJosué Cardona, Lara Taylor, Lauren Keller, and Brandon Saxton

GT Radio is the official Geek Therapy Community Podcast. Every week we celebrate how to geek out and do good.

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#187: BONUS EPISODE! Lara and Josué talk about Shazam! Full spoilers! Check out Critical Core, the tabletop role-playing game designed to help children on the autism spectrum build social skills.....


#186: What is gatekeeping and why is the GT Community worried about it? The team talks about ways that gatekeeping happens in Geek culture and we look at media...

Stronger Together

#185: We celebrate the diversity of the Geek Therapy Community and how collaboration and inclusiveness make it much greater than the sum of its parts. We also talk about...


#184: Brandon leads a discussion on the messaging and pressures of self-care and the team looks at good and bad (and both?) examples of self-care in media.

Captain Marvel

#183: BONUS EPISODE! We just watched Captain Marvel so let’s talk about it! Full spoilers! Plus Endgame predictions, MCU on Disney+, and more.

Build on the Positive

#182: We revisit the roots of Geek Therapy and discuss how our philosophy was modeled after strengths-based approaches. Our goal is to celebrate what we love and build on...

Disney Fever

#181: We’re feeling that Disney Fever with all the news and movies coming out this year. We share some of our favorite Disney memories and do a Disney-themed Media...

Geeky Tattoos

#180: We talk about our tattoos and what they mean to us. We also check in with the community about the tattoos they have and wish they had.

Idris Elba Isn’t on the Poster?!

#179: We wanted to celebrate Black History Month by talking about some of our favorite Black creators and characters but we inevitably discussed the lack of diversity in our...