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Vaccine with Mads Floe

In this episode of Rolling for Change, Josue and Woody talk with game designer Mads Floe about his print an play game Vaccine. Mads made this game available to...

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The War Prayer

In this episode, Josue and I discuss The War Prayer, from season 1 of Babylon 5. We discuss The Homeguard, earth first politics, and the strange concept of caring...

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RPG Research with Hawke Robinson

Today on Rolling for Change, Brian and I get a chance to talk with Hawke Robinson, founder of RPG Research and RPG Therapeutics. Admittedly, we had some sound issues...

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You Never Forget Your First Role Playing Game.

In this episode Brian interviews Adelle about her first time playing a role playing game. This is a discussion about Adelle’s experience with Kids on Bikes. Brian discusses the...

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Afterlife: Wandering Souls w/Elizabeth Chaipruditkul

Afterlife: Wandering Souls is a role playing game set after death. The game offers 2 key characteristics that caused it to be brought to our attention: 1) It deals...

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Gaming in Isolation

Sometimes we need to reach out to others. We need to engage in social pursuits and connection, even when we are not social distancing, but especially now in the...

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