Conspiracy of Light

COL: Midnight on the Firing Line

This was the episode that made it clear to me that Josue and I were going to generate some good discussions out of the Babylon 5 story. When you join us on these journeys, it’s really not meant to be about a cult of personality. Hopefully,

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The Gathering

#2: The Gathering is ultimately episode zero of the saga that is Babylon 5. Josué and Woody discuss the impact and meaning of this episode in this podcast. For those who are joining us on this journey, know that this is a building block and certainly n…

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Welcome to Babylon 5

#1: And so it came to pass that Josué and Woody embarked upon a new adventure to explore the worlds of Babylon 5. Woody would serve as the guide to acolyte Josué and Josué would challenge all of Woody’s preconceived notions about this hallowed story.

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