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Cheating and Ethical Gameplay

In this episode, Brian, Josue and I discuss the concept of cheating in games. Whether we acknowledge it or not, deception is a life skill. From as early as 2 we learn that fake crying may result in getting what we want. It is later through the structure of social learning that this habit becomes less cute and more annoying, that the external world starts to punish this behavior and reinforce honesty. As a result, we get more tricksy, more wiley in our lies. By the time we are adults, we are programmed by deceptive ad campaigns that suggest using this mouthwash and that deodorant will make your life better. It is not surprising that unchecked cheating in games result in more crafty cheaters. However, most of us would say that cheating is not in the spirit of playing games with others. Subversion of the rules for a personal agenda is often seen as outside of the boundaries of good taste and ethical gamesmanship. It’s a briar patch of controversy that we can dig into and perhaps gain some better understanding. This episode can start that discussion and hopefully provide some insight into cheating behaviors. The dice are loaded and the deck is stacked in this episode of Rolling For Change.

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