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The Social Aspects of Gaming

Recently, our list of Rolling for Change projects has been growing and I believe that we are building some momentum. We have a ton more podcasts in the works, we are working towards doing some Twitch streams, and we are working to get invited to several gaming conventions. I am pretty excited about our growth and I am certainly excited that you dear listeners are joining us for this wacky adventure of discovery we are on.

This episode is a brief exploration into the social aspects of gaming and how those games bring us together, and perhaps at times even serve to create distance between us. Josue and I are not the final answer, but I believe we uncover a number of hidden things that will be of interest to all of you and to our hobby as a whole.

Stay tuned for the next episode when Brian, Josue and I are joined by Ginger and Suzi to discuss the ways that games enhance intimacy.

Keep Rolling, and Keep Changing

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