Here Comes A Thought

Hosted ByKat LaForgia, Gian Ramos, & Marc Cuiriz

Here Comes A Thought is your one-stop shop for all the psychological themes in the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe!

About the Beginning

Welcome to the newest Podcast on Geek Therapy Network.  A new podcast by Kat La Forgia, Gian Ramos, and Marc Cuiriz discuss different topics of psychology with the help of Steven Universe. This episode discusses the rarely seen pilot of Steven Universe as well as the first three episodes of Steven Universe.  Gian discusses a correlation between the crystal Gems and the Power Puff Girls as well as the fact that Steven’s Glow is the same as a magical girl transformation.  The topics of attachment, and belonging,  social developmental levels, and roles are discussed during this episode.

The San Diego Comic Con Steven Universe panel:

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