Month: July 2017

Disney Emoji Blitz is so juicy!

#26: Kelli and Josué have been playing a lot of Disney Emoji Blitz. A LOT. It may have to do with how “juicy” the game is, meaning that its feedback is emotionally satisfying. Notes: Disney Emoji – http://bit.

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Using Pop Culture in Counseling (Counseling Today Cover Story July 2017)

#103: Counseling Today, a publication of the American Counseling Association, published an article titled ‘Cultured’ Counseling. It is the cover story of Counseling Today’s July 2017 print issue and Geek Therapy was featured in it! If you haven’t read the article yet, here is an audio version for you to listen to and share. Notes: ‘Cultured’…

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Spider-Man: Homecoming, Disney D23, Pre-SDCC

#102: We discuss Spider-Man: Homecoming and some love for fan conventions like D23 and SDCC. Notes: PsychTech – Headshots – — Come chat with us on Geek Therapy Community Facebook Group: Find us at | @GeekTherapy | Lara: @GeekTherapist | Josué: @JosueACardona *We are currently building the Geek Therapy Library which is designed to help fans communicate through their favorite movies, books, and games….

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