Month: July 2016

SDCC 2016, Orphan Black, Wonder Woman, Strong Female Role Models: Not Just For Girls, Importance of Art for Kids

#53: Lara is back from SDCC with some great stories and we talk about Orphan Black and Wonder Woman panels, how strong female role models are not just for girls, the importance of art for kids, and more. We decide to read Monstress and Nimona by next week. *The Geek Therapy Library is meant to help […]

Star Trek and Beyond

#52: FULL SPOILERS for Star Trek Beyond! Happy 50th anniversary Star Trek! While Lara is at San Diego Comic-Con, Josué sits down with Dr. Ali Mattu to discuss Star Trek Beyond over coffee. They talk about what Star Trek means to them, they geek out over Beyond, and they speculate on the 4th film in […]


Pokémon Go, You Can Get There Again, Justice League Rebirth, Princess Leia, Civil War II, For the Girl/Man Who Has Everything

#51: On this episode we talk about Pokémon Go, a great life lesson Lara learned from playing video games with her mom, and GT Library entries for Justice League Rebirth #1, Marvel’s Princess Leia, Civil War II, the Supergirl episode “For the Girl Who Has Everything,” and the comic book it was based on. ​*The Geek […]

Paul Dini’s Dark Night: A True Batman Story, Dean Trippe’s Something Terrible

#50: CONTENT WARNING This week we discuss Paul Dini’s Dark Night: A True Batman Story, Dean Trippe’s Something Terrible, two graphic novels that retell traumatic events of physical and sexual assault. We believe these books are some of the best examples of stories, comics in particular, as a therapeutic tool. *The Geek Therapy Library is meant to help […]

GT Library is Pre-Alpha, Teenage Angst, Who runs the world?

#49: Josué says the Library is now at Pre-Alpha stage. We discuss some tweaks to how we can make entries, that all media can matter, and the sudden(?) increase in female role models in the media. You can help out by suggesting entries for the GT Library here: For more Geek Therapy visit us at […]